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John Magoulas

John Magoulas

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page for Tour de Summer Camps! I'm participating to send more kids to Jewish summer camps, helping them build a lifelong connection to Jewish identity and values. I am so proud to do my work in the Jewish Community and work for CAMP RAMAH in CALIFORNIA. So grateful to all that support Tour d e Summer Camps which will allow for many young campers to attend.

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1. Laura-Beth Sholkoff
Go John! Thank you for all you do!
2. Catherine Penso
Happy to support such a worthwhile cause!
3. Rhonda Seaton And Lawrence Lokman
Ride like the wind John!
4. Tamara Deverell
5. Julie
In memory of Leah Kitz and Michael Jeser, pillars of our community, gone too soon. Love you John!
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