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Sacrifice of the Tush, 3.0

Rachel Slaton

Rachel Slaton

"His amazing experience at 6Points is helping shape his life outlook, perspective, his understanding of theimportance of community, being Jewish, making lifelong friendships AND he getsto play sports. I will be forever grateful that he has this opportunity andexperience. He always feels these are the best weeks of the year. Yasher Koach,thank you, THIS camp is singularly special and wonderful."

"We are grateful for the generous financial support that made our child’s participation possible. He looks forward to 6 Points all year and proudly wears his tee shirt throughout the year. This camp experience makes him a better athlete and a better person. We thank the outstanding leadership and staff for their heartfelt work and their talents. Exceptionally well-trained and attentive counselors and staff. We could not ask for more professional and kind camp staff, both administrative and programmatic. Congratulations on a superb workforce!"

"My son looks forward to Six Points all throughout the year. It is the most special and memorable experience he has all summer. Thank you."

"Our experience with 6 points was a dream come true. My husband and i have longed to send him to  Jewish sleep away camp and he always said he was too scared to go. Five minutes after stepping onto the campus for the open house in March he said he wanted to go and from that moment on he never looked back. When I picked him up from camp he was the happiest I’ve seen him and was raving about the friends, counselors, and even the “Jewish stuff” because “they made it fun.”  He spoke about it often over the summer and how he missed it and he truly can’t wait to go back. Before he went to camp we thought six points was the perfect place for him and now we know it to be true. A place where he can identify with being Jewish, play baseball for hours everyday, and has “no mean kids” (his words) is the perfect place for him."

"6 points creates a warm positive Jewish atmosphere that keeps us coming back each year. The bonds of friendships with peers and counselors are fantastic!"


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