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Tour de Summer Camps to Send Young Underprivileged Jewish Kids to Summer Camp

Eric Roseman

Eric Roseman

I know how important summer camp was to my personal development as a child and young adult. It taught me how to bond with friends, it taught me leadership, it taught me grit, it taught me the importance of tradition, and many other life lessons. Some of my best friends in the world are those with which we braved the hot pocono days up in Greeley, PA. These are friends I'll have forever and friends I see as extension of family.

I think every child deserves a chance to go to camp. Volunteering with big brothers big sisters over the last year and a half has taught me the impact of summer camp on young children who need the stimuli away from the home. My little brother is lucky enough to be a recipient of the funding from the Jewish Federation to send him to Camp Waldorf and I hope every child has that opportunity. For that reason, I'm excited to join the Jewish Federation's Real Estate Council team in the effort to raise money for those families who can't send their children to summer camp. The life lessons learned at these camps are unforgettable and they instill the deepest levels of Jewish identity and values.

Please help me raise money for this special cause and you'll create the leaders of tomorrow and help them forge bonds unlike anything in this world!

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page for Tour de Summer Camps!


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What a mench! Always proud of you for trying to make an impact.
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Way to go Eric! Great cause
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