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Kids deserve a great summer... help me send some to camp!

Scott Goldman

Scott Goldman

Thanks for reading my email and coming to this donation page...

The pictures above are of me with my riding buddy and good friend, Izzy Freeman. Izzy, at 80+, is an inspiration - I've ridden the 18-mile route alongside him many times to raise funds for these kids. Helping to generate donations is the least I can do when I see someone like him so dedicated to this cause.

It's also because this cause is personal to me. When I was a kid my mother couldn't afford to send us to camp and so we needed "assistance." It's nothing to be ashamed of and there are plenty of kids who need that same help today.

In this pandemic year so many kids have missed so much. Help me make their next summer vacation memorable and educational. It's important for so many reasons - I learned in camp about helping others, charity, dedication and leadership. I want other kids to benefit from summer camp as I did.

Help me make this possible by making a contribution here. Think about what you spend on a dinner out or night at the theater. A contribution of the same amount can do a world of good for a kid who would otherwise be on the streets for the summer.

This year in particular please dig deeper into your pocket, pull out a little extra and contribute it to a great cause. To add some incentive, I'll donate another $100 every time that we hit a milestone of another $1000 donated.

For the record, the funds you and the other donors have contributed helped the organization raise over $5 MILLION to send kids to summer camp through the years. On behalf of all the kids who will be able to go to camp with your help, thank you!



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Well done!
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Between doing the Grand Canyon and my recent knee surgery, been behind in emails. Hope all is well with you!
4. Jewel Shadman
Scott, God Bless You.
5. Lois Dornfeld
Scotti, we are so happy to support this very worthwhile cause that is close to your heart. Love, Lois and Lee
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Keep up the good work!
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