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Ulpan 83 And Havurat Noar

Ulpan 83 and Havurat Noar

We are riding to give other kids the same gift of community that helped shape our lives!! JOIN US!!!

Ride with us or send ANY amount of money to sponsor us. There's no amount that's too little!

For me personally, so much of my life has been influenced by the time I spent on Ulpan 83 exploring Israel for 8 weeks with 160 kids and then again during my time at Hilltop at Havuart Noar. I became my own person, grew as a young Jew, made tons of friends and became a culturally proud person. We all did!! We learned about Judaism's most important value - community - as we camped in bunk beds and bussed our tables. We explored current events, sang songs, did art and acted, and were young Jews with our own community. It truly was the best of times in my life.

Scholarships made it possible for me to do these things and I'd like to pay it all back now so the next generation can enjoy what shaped my early life.

PLEASE JOIN MY TEAM OR SPONSOR US! If we met in our early years at these camps, join the team. Invite others who also did them and lets give back what was so beautifully given to all of us!

You've got to try to raise $500 to bike with us and you can select your own distance or do the 18 mile one with me. It may sound like a lot, but maybe try to get 10 people to give you $50 or 25 people to give you $20.


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