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Aaron White

Aaron White

Tour de Summer Camps is an incredibly valuable program to continue to connect Jewish kids to Jewish Summer Camps.

It's here that lifelong friendships and memories are made. It's in the hallowed cabins so many of us bunked in. It's at the art lab where we first discovered a passion for ceramics. It's even at the dining room where we obnoxiously and loudly said rude things about a first crush, in the irrepressible ways of a pre-adolescent.

These Summer Camps offer a way to connect kids to their Judaism in a way that's accessible to them while offering many parents their much needed break (whether they admit it or not).

Please contribute what you are able, in order to ensure, the continuity of these spaces. They are first and foremost a living lab to interactive and dynamic Judaism but also serve a wide array of organizations in the off season that help connect Jewish institutions to the community at large.

Thank you for your support!


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