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Jeremy Oberstein

Jeremy Oberstein

With so many problems in the country and the world, why are we doing this? And why should you give right now? It's a fair question and one I've asked myself.

An important aspect of the Jewish holidays - and Judaism in general - is the idea of t'shuvah. Repentance is something we often ask for but it's also something we must seek within ourselves, to make ourselves and our community better.

When I was young, I had the opportunity to go to camp (thank you mom and dad) and it offered me the widest possible aperture into Judaism - socially, religiously and intellectually. It laid the foundation for so much that I now pass on to my daughter. I am still close with so many people from those days and remember those times fondly. I want other kids to have that same experience and lay that same foundation. This is something you can do now to help fix our community.

But camp is not cheap! Please give what you feel comfortable giving today to enable everlasting memories for others. If you've already given, thank you!

Our ride is a mere 36 miles but the memories you will help create for young kids will last a lifetime.

Any amount helps! Please give right now. If you feel so inclined, please feel free to forward this email or the link to your friends and family.


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I'm impressed and inspired! Go Oberstein Boys!! GO!!
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