Tour de Summer Camps 2024

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JFEDLA's Tour de Summer Camps returns September 29, 2024! 

Registration is open!

Once again, we will be offering four amazing routes for cyclists of all skill levels: 18, 36, 62, and 100 miles;
a scenic 3-mile Hike; a Color Run for kids age 5 to 17; or Cycle at Camp for a fast-paced spinning experience. Whatever your speed, you’ll be putting the values of spreading Jewish joy and building Jewish community in action by raising significant funds to send more kids to Jewish summer camp! 

Over the past 12 years, we have proudly raised over $11 million! With the financial support generated by TdSC, we’ve made it possible for thousands of children to have a transformative Jewish summer camp experience and to enjoy the summer of their lives. At camp, kids make life-long friends, have a safe place
to express their Judaism, learn about themselves, and create memories that last a lifetime!

Teams and Walkers

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