Tour De Summer Camps 2023

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The Jewish Federation’s 11th annual Tour de Summer Camps was an amazing day! 
We are grateful to all the community members who joined us to ride one of our scenic routes, spin
in a Cycle at Camp session, or trek the 3-mile hike.  We all came together so thousands of kids will
benefit from life-changing Jewish camping experiences next summer. Given the atrocities committed
by Hamas and the antisemitic responses in our streets and on our college campuses, ensuring our Jewish future has never been more important.
Thank you to all our very generous sponsors and donors, our enthusiastic volunteers and
professionals, and our Jewish overnight summer camps. Our deepest gratitude to Rodney Freeman,
Tour de Summer Camps Ride Master and Founder, as well as Outreach Chair Jeffrey Kaplan, for
their dedication to making the event a success.


 CLICK HERE to see this year's photos!

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