Tour De Summer Camps 2022

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Join us on Sunday, October 30th for our 10th annual Tour de Summer Camps! Once again, we are offering four amazing routes for cyclists of all skill levels: 18, 36, 62, and 100 miles; or Cycle at Camp to enjoy a fast-paced spinning experience. And, this year, you can also sign up to Hike with us! As always, you have the option to be a virtual participant. Whatever you choose, you’ll be raising significant funds to send more kids to Jewish summer camp!

Over the past decade, we have proudly raised over $10 million! We’ve made it possible for thousands of children to have a transformative Jewish summer camp experience – many who would not otherwise be able to afford it without the financial support generated by TdSC. At camp, they make life-long friends while learning about themselves and enjoying an unforgettable summer!

Teams and Walkers

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