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Alex Romano

Alex Romano

At the end of the month I will, once again, be peddling my heart out in an amazing cycling event to help more kids in our community thrive, and I am asking for your support. You can either join our team and ride yourself or help by sponsoring my ride.

Tour de Summer Camps is a fundraising event to raise awareness and provide the means for every child who wants to attend Jewish summer camp to do so. All funds raised from the event will support summer camp scholarships to give more kids that lifelong connection to Judaism that only Jewish summer camp can provide. That connection will in turn help us ensure the Jewish future—one of The Jewish Federation’s top priorities.

Both of my girls attended Camp Ramah. And the experience was clearly transformative (Jenni is now a Rabbi and Kaylie is pursuing a Master's in Jewish Education at the AJU). Studies agree with me, that Jewish camping experiences strengthen ties to Judaism and can help mold future leaders within the community. However, many families in our community cannot afford to send their kids on this impactful summer journey. That is why The Jewish Federation funds “camperships incentive grants” and camp scholarships to help thousands of families offset the cost of Jewish summer camp tuition.

With your generous support of my Tour de Summer Camps ride, we’ll be able to give even more of our kids a transformative camp experience, paving the way for the Jewish future for many generations to come.

Please consider donating to help send even more kids to Jewish summer camp: https://www.tourdesummercamps.org/AlexRomano
and for all my Men's Club friends, I will match you donation dollar-for-dollar (up to $250)!
If you are feeling extra-generous, please share my page with your network.

Thank you for your support!


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